Women as partners with equal stakes in relationships must bring essential attributes other than physical appeal if they want to be in charge of their relationships. I keep being asked this question; how do you know you man won’t bankrupt your marriage? Simple, what does he spend most of his money on. He’s not that complicated PDF download revealed some details on how to understand your man. In the world today, there is increasing demand for equal roles to be undertaken by men and women in their relationship. This is in sharp contrast to the past where men were seen as the alpha and omega.

Women must now rise to the challenge and start taking up daring roles which will endear them to their partners cement their place as a very indispensable partner.He's not that complicated PDF download

Issues that border on financial responsibilities have been hitherto considered to be solely for the men. Men are expected to fulfill all financial obligations for the partners and the relationship. This puts a lot of undue pressures on the man and reduces their emotional commitment to the relationship.

Serving advisory roles and putting up financial commitments will strengthen the relationship and lead women straight into their partners’ heart. This is because an advice from the other partner may be all the man needs to get out of whichever difficult situations he is into. Men are cautious of the women they allow into their lives. They want women who are success-oriented. They want women who would bring excellence and a sense of responsibility into their lives. Nobody wants to waste his time a liability.

The famous Forbes quotes on money management, particularly in marriage described numerous scenario that will help you evaluate and predict how your relationship will turn out.

Thus, I have put together essential financial tips women can use to understand their men better. I am always happy each time my wife brings up great idea that I did not even think about. So the tips I am about to give you will for any man no matter the defense he outs around himself. The truth his men put up different layers of defenses around themselves when they realize you are not the person for them. These barriers are easily taken down when women act responsibly and position themselves as being indispensable in the relationship.

He's not that complicated PDF download

  1. Be educated

Get acquainted with finances and investment procedures. This will allow you to make sound financial decisions. Your partner will trust you with important decisions about the family’s financial decisions if he sees you as an authority in that regard. This will make him trust you in other important areas.

The relationship is thus strengthened. He will love you completely simply because of the great things you will achieve for the relationship.

  1. Take up responsibilities

Women in the past only played along when it comes to financial responsibilities in the relationship. Men were seen as the decision makers. They bear all financial burdens. You must start learning how things are run in the family. Find out how your husband manages to handle every other commitment. Doing this will put you in a strong position when any unforeseen circumstance occurs.  It means you can take charge effectively in the absence of your husband. Stay with your husband while he is checking through financial records to review expenses, revenues and pending budgets. Also volunteer to be in charge of family projects to update your knowledge on how to handle challenging situations.

This will promote love and trust between you and your partner. The relationship will become more strengthened at the end of the day

  1. Have your own personal account

Now I know this may sound awkward to many people. A lot of couples operate a joint account for the family. Having a personal account allows you to make good financial decisions. It will also improve your savings habits. Your personal funds can become helpful when your husband faces temporary challenging situations in his business or at work. Handle this in the right manner and you will benefit greatly.

  1. Avoid wasteful spending

Do not spend lavishly on liabilities or any other frivolity. There are a number of items on which women spend heavily that add little or no value to the relationship. Identify the importance of any expense before spending money on it. Your husband will be happy if you are the frugal partner. This will help boost the family’s savings.He's not that complicated PDF download

  1. Plan for your retirement

Start savings at the early stage for your retirements. Contribute reasonable amounts into your retirement savings account. This will help secure your future when you and your partner stop active services. It means you have a huge chunk of money to foot your expenses when the time comes.

  1. Give sound advise

Always offer sound financial advice to your partner whenever situation demands. See every situation as an opportunity to make things better for the financially for the family. Your husband starts putting you in charge of most decisions once he knows you are capable of making intelligent decisions.

  1. Be optimistic

Be positive at all times. No matter which situation the family might be passing through, you must appear strong. You must always encourage your partner; cheer up his spirits. Your opinions at different times will influence on how your partner reacts to situations.

  1. Create a priority list

Create a priority list for most of the family expenses to determine which ones are more important. Talk to your husband about reviewing every expense critically and find out which expense can wait before spending on such. This will prevent unnecessary spendings.

  1. Communication is key

Communicate effectively with your husband on any area you have concerns. It is unhealthy when you keep problems He's not that complicated PDF download about finances to yourself. Challenges are meant to be discussed amidst partners.

  • Be engaged

Get engaged with activities. Do not stay idle at any time. Even when you are the full housewife, find out a list of jobs you can do from home. A number of internet related jobs can be done from home. You can make money while staying in the house. This will add to the family finances.

In essence, becoming a model woman with acute financial skills will keep your partner impressed. He will love you more and give you more responsibilities.